At Serimag, we develop fully tailored AI solutions for businesses in very diverse activity sectors. These solutions include procurement of banking products, locating of contract signatures, risk files, documentary credits, cheque verification and withdrawal, document capture with mobile devices and much more.

We have our own advanced technology that we use for developing each project in a way that is individually adapted and customised to the specific requirements of each one to ensure that we can guarantee its success before we start.

At Serimag, we are aware that the AI tools for companies we develop are key to these companies becoming more competitive. They deliver a much more streamlined service during the onboarding processes for its customers. For this reason, we consider our proposals to be fundamental to gaining this advantage as soon as possible because, in the future, one way or another, it will be essential for the development of their business.

Development of fully tailored AI solutions for businesses

Artificial intelligence for businesses applied to document management is transformed into a solution, which we call TAAD, that allows many tasks to be carried out automatically and without human intervention, a task that was previously impossible. The outcome is significant savings in terms of cost and time that, without doubt, will have a positive impact on the quality of the service you offer and, therefore, on the company’s results.

We have also developed a mobile smart document capture application called SMAAT, which is very simple to use. It has automatic image quality improvement functions and optical character recognition, or OCR with artificial intelligence. Furthermore, it can be fully integrated into corporate applications to improve the mobility of employees, as it is designed for use with smartphones.

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