With Serimag, you can access artificial intelligence solutions for businesses applied to intelligent document recognition and document processing through technology developments that are 100% our own, TAAD and SMAAT. These applications automate processes that up until now could only be carried out by human beings and provide flexibility to image capture by recognising the data contained within them.

In our development work here at Serimag, being aware of the documents and processes involved in the work methodology is essential for establishing the specific features that will make it possible to automatically process them with TAAD and to classify, segment, extract, validate and locate the documents at unbeatable speeds. This will result in significant cost savings and a nearly immediate response to customer requirements.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence for companies application, we can digitise the data in very short times that we define together with the project, once the customer’s current situation and objectives have been precisely determined.

Experts in the application of artificial intelligence for businesses in very diverse activity sectors

The SMAAT application incorporates optical character recognition, or OCR with artificial intelligence,to create a tool that, through mobile devices such as smartphones, can capture documents to guarantee maximum quality and recognition of the document type. Data can be extracted from documents, such as identification documents, residence cards, cheques, passports, bank and business cards, and bar and QR codes.

Serimag is considered to be one of the most innovative BPO service companies. We carry out our own development that is applicable to very diverse activity sectors in order to facilitate the streamlining and competitiveness of businesses and improve their customer support services.

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