We use optical character recognition, or OCR with artificial intelligence, continuously at Serimag in our basic tools, which are TAAD and SMAAT. It allows customers to capture documents using mobile devices, is easy to operate and guarantees the quality of the image and extraction of the data contained in those documents.

TAAD and SMAAT offer many benefits, as they facilitate the mobility of employees, streamline the information-capture process in documents and guarantee full reliability of the results, which can be stored in the mobile device, sent by email or sent to the cloud.

Moreover, at Serimag we are well aware of the importance that OCR and artificial intelligence technology is compatible with other platforms; for this reason, our SDK or Software Development Kit enables it to be easily integrated into corporate applications.

Combination of OCR with artificial intelligence for document capture through mobile devices

As one of the leading BPO service companies, Serimag supplies the most advanced technology applied to digital document processing and document capture through mobile devices such as smartphones.

Thanks to complex processes and algorithms applied to intelligent document recognition, we have managed to develop powerful tools for automating, as far as possible, the processes of classification, segmentation, extraction, validation and location of documents, tasks that previously could only be carried out by humans. This results in a significant optimisation of our customer’s resources and prepares them to offer onboarding processes that meet the demands of their own customers, thereby making them much more competitive.

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