Back office with Artificial Intelligence

Serimag’s application of Artificial Intelligence in back offices offers a whole range of advantages for streamlining certain processes and procedures required for the management of any company. Thanks to the development of solutions that are able to perform so much more than simple text recognition in images or documents, we can achieve the automation of tasks that until now could only be carried out by people.

We have combined NLP with OCR technologies which are able to recognize the document type, extract data from it and verify the information it contains. This has many uses for businesses of all sizes and sectors of activity, the management of which will be simplified without any need to modify established procedures. This will be done with maximum reliability, as we can establish the circumstances in which discrepancies occur and have these referred to the corresponding staff of the organization.

Back office con Inteligencia Artificial

A back office with Artificial Intelligence will allow you to streamline the processing of documents for your company

Serimag’s advances in Artificial intelligence solutions applied to back offices are continuously growing thanks to our constant innovation. We are able to speed up a whole range of processes including classifying documents according to type, extracting text in order to convert it into processable data, verifying them through comparison, extracting sub-images, detecting signatures, and many more processes.

Our company provides a cognitive OCR system capable of learning in order to improve its performance, expand its functions and uses, as well as minimize incidents, which is why Serimag is considered a leader in the automation of document management through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

Our products have already proven their effectiveness and the advantages they bring to companies such as Indra, BPI, Caixa Bank, Santander, BBVA, Tessi, Arag, etc., who have already put their trust in us.

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