Intelligent document recognition offered by Serimag through tailored solutions enables our customers to manage the various back office processes necessary for the development of their business in a more efficient and effective way. This is one of the fundamental keys to the digitalisation of companies in very diverse activity sectors that, up until now, have had to rely of vast human resources to carry out these processes.

TAAD represents a before and after in automatic document processing, thanks to the application of computer vision techniques, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. This tool has been fully developed with Serimag’s technology to create processes, similar to neuronal processes in the brain, for detecting patterns and models that allow the type of document and its content to be discerned for error-free processing.

The key to our success is that we offer a fully personalised working methodology, as the developments are fully tailor-made without adaptations from other solutions. This guarantees error-free intelligent document recognition, with very high efficiency levels thanks to the program’s large capacity.

NLP aplicado al OCR

Automatic processing for intelligent document recognition

Serimag is at the forefront of natural language processing companies thanks to the knowledge and experience acquired by a full team of professionals who seek ways to apply this technology to improve the business development of our customers.

The AI solutions for businesses we have developed cover both the back office with automatic document processing, and the front office with intelligent document capture through mobile devices, such as the smartphone, in a simple, flexible way and with excellent quality levels that increase employee mobility.

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