Serimag occupies a leading position in the field of natural language processing companies. We have a team with considerable expertise in this technology and we apply it in a specialized way in the development of document management automation solutions. We strive to provide our customers with features that lead to significant advantages in processing, time and cost. We are dealing with an innovation area that plays a key role with regard to combining agility with accuracy and completeness in document processing.

That’s why we continue working hard to stay at the forefront of natural language processing companies, always clearly focused on the advantages we can implement in our automated document processing solutions. Our systems are now able to achieve great semantic understanding of the file contents we work with. We identify various key data that allow us to classify and differentiate documents with unprecedented speed and accuracy, with the consequent advantages of how they are managed in organizations.

Natural language processing company services

By applying the advances in this fascinating environment together with state-of-the-art technologies in artificial intelligence and computer vision, we can provide you with revolutionary services, which we also manage to integrate with the document processing already in operation at your organization. The application of machine learning techniques represents an inevitable advance for companies when it comes to keeping up with the industry and operating in the document area with the desired agility and efficiency. Our team provides the solutions of interest to you in this area, always based on a full focus towards your company’s needs and idiosyncrasies.

Serimag is one of the leading companies that applies natural language processing to document management. For this, we use technology that we have developed internally, which facilitates the creation of tailored solutions for each one of our customers.

We have developed TAAD, which is geared towards automatic document processing, through the application of computer vision techniques and natural language processing, as well as artificial intelligence with complex algorithms and processes. These methods enhance our systems based on neural networks that automatically learn to carry out tasks in an autonomous way, such as classifying, segmenting, extracting, validating and locating with great efficiency, in terms of both the volume of documents it processes in a very short time and its reliability level.

As a natural language application company, Serimag bases all its development on the most innovative and advanced technology, and on the use of artificial intelligence for businesses, in such a way that our customers can benefit from tools that truly make a competitive difference to both their back and front offices. This optimises their processes and guarantees more diligent customer support through a semantic-level understanding of the document’s content without the need to use pre-established templates.

Natural language processing for document management companies

Another of the AI solutions for businesses that we have created at Serimag is SMAAT, an application intended for intelligent document capture through mobile devices such as smartphones. It has automatic capture functions that correct the perspective, adjust it and improve the quality for correct reading of its content. This allows the identification and processing of data from identification cards, residence cards, passports, credit cards, cheques, bar and QR codes and business cards, which can be stored in the device itself, sent by email or uploaded to the cloud.

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