NLP applied to OCR

The combining of NLP with OCR or, in other words, Natural Language Processing and Optical Character Recognition in scanned documents or images forms the foundation of our solutions for the processing of documents for businesses, to which we apply the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence in order to achieve maximum functionality.

Serimag is a reliable partner who will provide you with the means to process large quantities of documents in an efficient way, beginning with document recognition and continuing with classification, verification or validation, etc. We are constantly finding more ways to automate necessary processes for managing businesses, allowing them to optimize their resources and reduce processing time.

NLP aplicado al OCR

We use NLP and OCR to create tailor-made solutions for businesses from different sectors

By combining Optical Character Recognition with Natural Language Processing, Serimag is able to help businesses manage large quantities of documents in a more efficient way, as it allows for text to be extracted by the program without the need for human intervention, in other words, we have a cognitive OCR system that enables automatic and significantly faster management of documents such as identification documents, invoices, contracts, deeds, etc.

Implementing Artificial Intelligence in your back office through the application of our solutions, which are custom designed to tackle your specific needs, is a beneficial decision that more and more businesses are taking. This is because they can count on a flexible service which implies a variable cost because we invoice for its use, with no need for initial investment and which, from the start, will improve and speed up the management of a whole range of procedures.

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