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Serimag boosts document processing of ICO guarantee applications

Serimag and Tessi start up document processing systems for financial entities in their ICO Guarantee Lines processes

Portada elEconomista - Tecnología XXI

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In its supplement “Technology XXI” it echoes our work in process automation thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Technologies in automation: AI vs RPA

Technology invades and surrounds us wherever we go. And the business environment is no stranger to it. But sometimes it can be overwhelming and the amount of jargon, concepts and ideas with which it arrives to us can generate doubts or rejection of its adoption.

Improving our technology to increase automation

At Serimag we consider the implementation of different projects through the application of the various Artificial Intelligence technologies that we know about to be as important as investment in R&D, in order to continue to develop this technology. And it is the latter that concerns us now, being something which we are especially proud of.

Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation

The world is changing, new technologies enable us to advance and create new work environments. The aim of this evolution is none other than to improve processes, create new opportunities and expand business. Industry 4.0 encompasses many elements, with document processing automation being one of the most important. Even though this concept may seem futuristic, the reality is that it’s already here. This scenario makes it necessary for employees to have new skills and for organizations to reinvent themselves.

Our visit to the Mobile World Congress 2018

From 26 February to 1 March 2018, one of the most important technological events was held at the Barcelona Fira Gran Vía: the Mobile World Congress. In previous posts, we have spoken about our experiences at the Congress and some of our thoughts on the technologies and innovations that were exhibited.

MWC18, day 3: “AI everywhere”

Third day of this year’s Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. And from stand 41 at the Spanish Pavilion we continue to attend to all the visitors showing an interest in our Intelligent Document Recognition solutions.

Serimag and its Artificial Intelligence at the Mobile World Congress

The year 2017 that we have just left behind was a great year for us. Serimag consolidated its solutions in the market, obtaining great results. We now look to 2018 with great expectations because we firmly believe that there is considerable document processing in companies that does not provide any value and can be automated.

Natural language processing is gaining importance in financial companies

When it comes to understanding each other, machines and humans are doomed. In fact, the need to overcome the communication barriers between the two is what has led to the appearance of natural language processing companies like ours. As we told you in one of our recent posts, machines must be able to understand what a document says in order to manage it properly and that is where the work we do at Serimag comes into play.