Signature detection with TAAD technology

Important steps have been made in recent years in the field of document processing automation and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). This being in the field of automatic learning and natural language technology. And all in order to automate every possible task at companies and to focus efforts on other issues. Something that is feasible with our TAAD and SMAAT Artificial Intelligence systems. To process large volumes of documents and, as in the case of this post, to detect signatures.

Cloud computing and its benefits for companies

Cloud computing has innumerable advantages for companies. It is important to consider how its benefits can improve the reality of a specific organisation, in the same way as we do with document processing automation.

A look at the TAAD system

One of the main areas in which Serimag carries out its activity is document processing automation We help drive modernisation in companies of all sectors through a document processing tool that we have called TAAD, and which is built entirely from our proprietary technology. But how does this product function exactly? What are the key factors that enable it to streamline document management?

Language technology Hackathon at the MWC 2018

The place occupied by Natural Language Processing (NLP) companies on the technological landscape is increasingly prominent. In addition to being reflected in the demand for these services by diverse organizations, this technology continues to gain prominence in events of maximum relevance and in projects launched from public institutions. In February, we have an unbeatable example of how the two areas above go hand in hand.