Intelligent OCR

The benefits of an OCR with artificial intelligence have broad applications of interest to companies with diverse characteristics. Thanks to the evolution of this technology, today not only is document capture and digitization more convenient than ever, but also the associated classification process has been optimized and streamlined to truly satisfactory levels, taking into account the advances that character recognition allows in terms of automation.

All this has a significant impact on the efficiency of document procedures within the company, as well as helping those companies that are not yet up to date to make the digital leap, in a general context that makes it increasingly necessary to take advantage of digital technology. RPA and artificial intelligence.

Thus, intelligent optical character recognition plays an important role in the performance of the automated document processing solution developed by Serimag, known as TAAD.

The objective of this tool is to complement manual document systems by facilitating the tasks of classification, segmentation and data extraction so that the client can leave as many tasks as possible in the hands of the software with total certainty about its reliability.

Intelligent OCR

Leveraging OCR with intelligence for document capture and classification

It should not be forgotten that Serimag has also designed a specific solution for document capture itself, known as SMAAT, in order to provide our customers with a technology that fits perfectly with their needs in this regard.

From our experience in the field of artificial intelligence companies in SpainWe have worked to provide you with a tool that makes the difference in processing all types of documents with the desired agility, fidelity and image quality, in addition to the possibilities offered by intelligent OCR technology.

The best thing is that these features are available both through the specific app that can be downloaded from Google Play and in the form of SDKs for integration into various corporate software.