Artificial Intelligence to automate document processes.

How we work


1 week

We perform an audit of the client's process or processes.

Analysis of the documents and data to be extracted from each type of document.

We give an estimate in terms of level of automation and response times.


1 month

With a small batch of documentation we train our models and agree on the output format with the customer.

We delivered the agreed results and held a meeting to review the main metrics obtained.


3 months

We implement the solution in the production environment agreed with the client (Cloud / On Premise).

We monitor its correct operation and deliver periodic follow-up reports to the client.


The automation of manual processes through technology and Artificial Intelligence allows redistributing resources to higher value-added tasks while reducing response times and increasing quality levels.

Cost reduction

Increased quality

Error reduction

Increased level of service

Scalability and Response Times

24/7 operation


We have been specializing in process automation through AI for 15 years, collaborating with leading research centers to ensure that we are always at the forefront of new developments.

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Neural Networks