Intelligent Automation

We transform documents into data for enterprise clients through AI

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About Us

We are the leading digital BPO in Spain by volume and we collaborate with the main financial institutions as well as technology consultancies and traditional BPOs.
Today we have >80 processes in production capturing more than 400 types of data processing >1M pages per day.


Pages classified per day





The Power of Automation

The automation of manual processes through technology and Artificial Intelligence allows redistributing resources to higher value-added tasks while reducing response times and increasing quality levels.


Decrease in process time


Cost reduction


Decrease in manual errors

A custom-built service

Serimag adapts to the needs of each client, depending on their technical and operational needs of the process.

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We have been specializing in Process Automation through AI for 15 years. We collaborate with leading research centers to ensure that we are always at the forefront of new developments.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Advanced NLP techniques to understand documents by their content.

Computer Vision

To understand documents by their layout

Neural Networks

Own training architectures based on neural networks that learn as they process more data.

What we do

Our artificial intelligence models are trained and running daily to automatically classify more than 200 document models and extract more than 400 different types of data.

All projects are tailor-made for each client taking into account the process in question, the way the client wants to send the information and the way he wants Serimag to deliver it. Projects can be developed with on-premise infrastructure, in a private cloud on AWS or in an approved third-party DPC.

Use Cases

Lending Operations

Necessary and validated documents to be able to subsequently execute a bank asset operation

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ICO Loans

Review and verification of all the documentation that financial entities must present to the ICO

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Signature Recognition

System that detects errors and makes it possible to take advantage of the fact that the client is still in the office

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Identity Documents

Reduction of processing times in an Onboarding service

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Bank B2B Transfers

Servicio de grabación que aporte capacidad productiva ante un proceso con un importante componente estacional

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Debt Operations

Recording service that provides productive capacity in a process with an important seasonal component

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We reduce the costs involved in executing this type of operations thanks to automation.

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Real Estate

Automation of the real estate portfolio valuation process based on the processing of appraisals.

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