Our mission is to be leaders in the application of artificial intelligence for process automation. That is why we have worked to have the best technology, understand our customers' processes, analyze the parts that can be automated, build robust solutions and implement our solutions.
We see technology as a means to help our customers concentrate their efforts and costs on the higher value-added tasks, letting Serimag's intelligent processes do the lower-level tasks.

A bit of history

Fifteen years ago nobody thought Artificial Intelligence could go this far, we did. That is why we focused on developing models that were able to understand and replicate tasks based on document processing. Over the years we have been able to demonstrate the value of our technology to our customers and we are proud of the volume of documents that are processed on our systems.





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A team led by the best

Complex technology must be developed by the best specialists.

That is why at Serimag we strive to ensure that each of our professionals has an excellent academic curriculum, a professional development according to their interests, continuous training and specialization and, of course, an exceptional working environment.


In Serimag we have been working since our inception with a close relationship with relevant research centers in Spain to be always at the forefront of new technologies.

Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Computer Vision Center

Center for Language and Speech Technologies and Applications


We want to reinforce our efforts for the continuous improvement of our operations and we work to offer guarantees to back this up.

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