ISO 27001 and 9001

Serimag reinforces its commitment to information security and quality in its operations by obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Process Optimization through AI

Process Optimization through Artificial Intelligence is already a reality.

Accompanying Caixabank to achieve the ‘Best Banking Transformation in the World 2021’ according to Euromoney.

We are very proud to be able to work with clients as relevant as Caixabank and to be part of their Digital Transformation. We hope to continue on the road together and add new projects in the future.

The Age of Automation

73% of organizations worldwide have already embarked on the path to Intelligent Automation, but only 13% of them have succeeded in doing so at scale.

Beyond OCR Systems

Recent advances in Al have encouraged us to be more daring with document capture. Instead of using outdated techniques and rules and tweaking them further, we can take a step back and look at data mining from a radically new perspective.

2021 at Serimag

As we do every year, we take stock of everything we have achieved during 2021 and look ahead with the determination to continue growing.


Improving our technology to increase automation

In Serimag we consider as important the development of the different projects through the application of the different Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks technologies that we know, as the investment in R&D to continue evolving these techniques.


Process automation is already a reality in the insurance industry

The application of Artificial Intelligence to automate insurance processes is already a reality and the case of ARAG proves it.


INESE: Guide to Services in the Insurance Industry

Serimag is featured in the guide to services in the insurance sector, a supplement to INESE’s Actualidad Aseguradora magazine.


Insurance companies join the automation process with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in the insurance industry will revolutionize the efficiency of internal processes. Serimag offers almost 10 years of experience and one of the most robust, reliable systems with the highest customer satisfaction rates.


Artificial Intelligence, better in good hands

An Artificial Intelligence project requires planning, both of the technology and of the team that will carry out its development. The success of the project will depend to a large extent on this.


Serimag gives impetus to the processing of ICO guarantee applications

Serimag and Tessi implement document processing systems for financial institutions in their processes of the ICO Guarantee Lines.