The combination of NLP and OCR or, in other words, of the Natural Language Processing and Optical Character Recognition in documents or scanned images is the basis of our solutions for document processing in companies, in which we apply the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence for maximum functionality.

In Serimag you will find the reliable partner to have the necessary means to process large quantities of documents efficiently, including from recognition to classification, verification or validation, etcetera. More and more applications are being developed with the sole purpose of automating necessary processes in the management of companies so that they can optimize their resources and shorten management times.

nlp ocr


We use NLP and OCR to create customized solutions for companies in different sectors.

By combining Optical Character Recognition with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Serimag has made it possible for companies that have to manage large quantities of documents to do so more efficiently, since what we have achieved is that text extraction is understood by the program without the need for human intervention, which is the same thing, we have a cognitive OCR system that allows for automatic and much faster management of documents such as identification documents, invoices, contracts, deeds, etc.

Equipping your back office with Artificial Intelligence through the use of our custom-designed solutions to meet your specific needs is a successful decision that more and more companies are making. Since they have a flexible service that involves a variable cost because we bill for its use, without having to make initial investments and that from the beginning improves and streamlines the management of countless procedures…