Cognitive OCR

Cognitive OCR that we apply in our solutions involves the use of Artificial Intelligence that improves understanding and continues to evolve over time as it is able to learn the more documents it has processed, as if it were feeding its experience by having a larger database, in the same way that human beings learn over time.

The application of NLP to OCR is what makes our solutions go far beyond the ability to quickly scan documents and extract text from them, as they can also identify the type of document, classify it according to the result, identify the information contained and established as relevant, verify it, including signatures, and validate it when everything is correct.

Cognitive OCR


Cognitive OCR is capable of performing different tasks automatically with high accuracy and precision.

When it comes to using a OCR or Optical Character Recognition Our customers find that they can manage large volumes of documents automatically and with little or no human intervention, which optimizes their resources and allows them to perform other tasks, as well as improving their customers’ experience by significantly shortening lead times.

By applying Artificial Intelligence to your back office you will notice from the first moment how it speeds up all the processes that may be related to identification documents, orders, invoices, contracts, deeds and many other types of documents that are necessary in the management of companies for their proper functioning. Always with a great control over the process and results, since our proposals are fully tailored to the needs of each organization to obtain a precise response to their requirements.