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We have been adding clients and projects for more than 10 years, mainly in the banking and insurance sectors, always looking for excellence in everything we do.

Here are some of the projects we have in production processing millions of documents.

Use cases

We have been adding clients and projects for more than 10 years, mainly in the following areas


Asset Operations

The objective of the process is the creation of a correct document repository in the entity that contains all the necessary and validated documents to be able to subsequently execute a banking asset operation.

50% Cost Reduction

Reduction of response time (SLA) to 1H

ICO loans (rentals, guarantees...)

ICO Loans

Review and verification of all documentation that financial institutions must submit to ICO for the application of loans to companies and self-employed (Minimis, CIRBE, Authorizations…).

The process was designed and put into production in record time given the need of the situation. Obtaining great results in terms of Serimag’s operational capacity (more than 300,000 files were processed) for several entities.

Verification of Signatures on Contracts

Signature Review

Confirm that every contract is signed, in an immediate system that detects errors and makes it possible to take advantage of the fact that the customer is still in the office.

The solution developed and easily implemented, not only verifies the existence of the signature on the document but also validates that the stroke, through its complexity, we can imply that it is a correct signature. In addition, it is necessary for the system to have an immediate response so that errors can be corrected while the customer is still in the office and the operation is not affected.

Online control with a response time of 8s

99% reduction of unsigned contracts

Checking Docs. Identifiers

Digital Onboarding

The objective of the process is to reduce the processing time of an onboarding service and convert it online to increase the conversion rate of your customers.

Anti-Fraud Control (KYC)

Higher conversion rate through Online Onboarding


Domestic Intercompany Transfers

Implementation of a recording service to provide production capacity for a process with a significant seasonal component and to reduce possible operational errors and incidents.

Incident management allowing >99.9% hits

High availability with 99% of transfers processed in less than 1H

50% time reduction through automation

Delinquency and Debt

Review Simple Notes

Creation of a preventive evaluation of the real estate collateral situation of its clients in transactions at risk of non-payment.

Creating an automated system meant making the process faster and more economical and also meant creating a centralized service for the bank’s entire Simple Notes operation for other processes, such as lending.

Load detection for customer evaluation

5x increase in process productivity

Classification and Extraction in Bastanteos

Automation of Batches

We reduce the costs involved in executing this type of complex operations through lawyers by freeing up part of their work through automation.

Automation is applied both in the classification of the documentation (to sort it and identify if there is missing documentation) and in the extraction of the enougho (for a certain type of company). With this system we are not only reducing the cost of each operation, but some of them can be fully automated and what could take days, is processed in just a few minutes.

Real Estate

Real Estate Appraisals and Valuations

Automation of the real estate portfolio valuation process based on the processing of appraisals. Recording of farm identification and descriptive information.

Error reduction of more than 40%

4x increase in process productivity

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